Deal only with the truth

3 things I need to ask myself (or we need to ask ourselves) 

Simple and yet tough questions to answer.

The guiding light to these questions is to deal only with the truth.

What is it that I am doing that works?

What do I need to stop doing that is getting in my way?

What do I need to start doing to change my energy and move forward?

Source: Dr Phil on Oprah

There is all to life.

Yesterday I was counting the days to expiry dates of my vitamins. I divided the approximate number of capsules by the number of days so that I can be certain I can finish them before the expiry dates. Such that none of the goodness in the capsules and money spent will be wasted.

If we knew our own expiry dates, what would we do?

If I knew my own expiry date, what would I do?

Some people says to live life like there is no tomorrow. Some say live in the moment, be present. Some say just do it.

Right now, I just want to be brave to live everyday as me.  As every moment as me. Discovering me.


Who am I

I don’t know.

So we are who we are without a physical body even if we do not have an identity?

Our identity is such because of a name and family we are born with, because of the experience we went through, because of the role we play and because of the people we are with …etc.

Else, who are we exactly?

Who am I?


*When I was younger, I remembered thinking to myself. What if we lose all our belongings and have no more family and friends with us. How can we prove our identity? Do we have to prove our identity? Or can we take on any identity we wish? Who are we exactly then?

Have you ever looked back?

I lay in bed and started to look back at some points in my life… remembering bits and pieces. Experiences I had, thoughts I had, words that were spoken and moments of clarity……..

Universe/God must be a super efficient, awesome and far-sighted planner…..  He/She/It must be a chess player of some sort. He/She/It makes imperfectly perfect plans in spite of the free will and manifestation abilities we all have.

How did it all come together?

I am wonderstruck at how my life turned out, the people I met etc.

It is a wonder how we cross path with people we would never dream we would meet and how our life unfolds.

When we look back, our plans versus universe’s plans?

Everything is going to be fine.



My New Shoes Spoke to Me

Tomorrow’s Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year is a big deal for us, Chinese. Just like any New Year is to all cultures. We wear new clothes, shoes etc. It represents a brand new year, hope for the new year and releasing the old.

Today I wore my new shoes to work because we are celebrating at work on the Eve.

As I walked to work, I caught myself having a quick word with my New Shoes.

Me: Sorry New Shoes, you had to walk so much on the first time.

New Shoes: It’s fine! I am made for walking and happy to be used for what I am made for.

Hmm. That was my Assumption and New Shoes’ Perception.

Aha. Whatever we perceive is not always true, what others perceive is also not true.

Even my New Shoes have its own perception. 😉

We are all perceiving in our mind. As simple as it is.

Happy Chinese New Year to all those who celebrates it.


I feel protective of those i love, my lover, my family, my friends.

I want to put them in Easter Eggs, with pretty shells.

May they always be protected in a beautiful world.

I fuel the growth of students I teach, making them shed old shells for new ones.

Making them grow stronger and bigger. Even tougher shells.

And  me, I want no shell as I grow to be stronger through vulnerability.

May I be strong to pave through life naked and in comfort. 

Evolving Brain

Am reading a book by Tony Buzan I bought 10 years ago.

The universe is 13 000 000 000 years old

Earth is 5 000 000 000 years old

Life is 4 500 000 000 years old

First Brains are 500 000 000 years old

Homo Sapiens are 3 000 000 years old

Modern Brains are 50 000 years old

Civilizations 10 000 years old

Location of brain 500 years old

95% of knowledge of working of the brains 20 years old


How will our Earth, Brain evolve 10 years later, 500 years later, 10 000 years later, 50 000 years later, 3 000 000 years later?

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