Today’s Tuesday Dinner!

Sliver Pomfret
Sliced Shitake mushrooms
Pickled Mustard (chilli)
Tomatoes, quartered.
Ginger, 4pcs thinly sliced

1. Made cuts on both sides of the fish. This makes the fish cook more thoroughly, and easier to serve. (Rub salt all round the fish).
2. In a small pot, stir fry the mushrooms, Picked Mustard, ginger slices, in a pot. Add half a bowl
of water. and half teaspoon of sugar and boil for just about 5 minutes.
3. Place the tomatoes on the fish and pour the soup stock and all the ingredients onto the fish.
4. Steam the fish. About 13 minutes for a 300g+ fish.
5. Serve immediately!



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