Genuine Love and Giving

Nurturing and helping another is more than simple feeding. Nurturing and helping another to grow spiritually is a more complicated process than just an instinctual gift. It requires struggle process of the giver.

One example, a mother constantly driving her son to school and back is nurturing in a sense. However to continue, this act does not further (instead retard) the son’s spiritual growth. When a mother condones an able bodied child to continued to be completely dependent physically in his/her daily needs, is retarding his/her ability to grow in spirit.

Love is not simply giving instinctually.
It is judiscious giving and withholding as well.

It is judiscious praising, arguing, struggling, confronting, urging, pushing, pulling and comforting.
It is leadership. Some call it tough love..

The word judiscious means requiring judgement. Judgement requires more than instinct. It requires thoughtfulness, struggle and painful decision making.

The giver, the lover in turn grows in wisdom and in spirit.

In peace and love.



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