I Disallow Your Invasion

Such is a moment when I feel a shift.

What exactly shifted? A shift in perception.

I often feel annoyed when someone attempts to “push” me into doing something.

“Let’s meet up! How about today, tomorrow or this Thursday or this Friday?”  {Actually I don’t really want to meet up. We can just chat on text.}

“Why don’t you join this meditation camp? It is so good, so healing. You have to go. Even if you take no pay leave, you should go.”  {We had this conversation before, I have my own meditation practices.}

They are really pushy. I can literally feel the invasion into my space and am fiercely guarding it. Being a person with gentler energy, I can feel myself retreating a little and I feel irritated with pushy people.

When I was able to say “No, thank you” with the only objective which is to communicate my stand, and do not feel bad or irritated about it. The invasion does not occur at all. My day went on as well as it could. I was amazingly able to distinct that the way you behave has got nothing to do with me. Hence, it does not bother me.

What is theirs is theirs, what is mine is mine.


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