A talking baby.

My partner and I returned home. While my partner was unpacking the grocery in the kitchen, I heard a loud baby crying from the bedroom at the furthest end of the corridor. Walking along the corridor, i walked past a dark bedroom with its door open. The curtains were down and a man lying on the bed. He seem unwell. But I didn’t walk into the room to check on him.

Instead, I continued to the bedroom with the baby cry. I opened the door and carried the baby in my arms.

With the baby in my arms, I walked out of the bedroom and along the corridor. Then the baby spoke.

“Actually, I am your Po Po (in Cantonese, it means grandmother).”

I shouted in excitement to my partner “It’s Po Po!”

And the baby said “I was afraid to speak to you like this because you might freak out.”

I replied “This is fine.”

And I laid the baby down on my sofa and asked the baby

“Is my house clean?”

And the baby said “Your house is perfectly fine”

I think my grandmother who has passed away 13 years ago was trying to make contact with me.

You think so? Anyone who has the similar experience?



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