Love in action

I was talking to a colleague who just had her second baby and returned from maternity leave.

I asked her how is everything going.

She lives with 7 other family members in an apartment, which I can imagine the squeeze. She is waiting for her own apartment to be ready. Right now, her mother-in-law helps her with baby-sitting her two kids. One goes to childcare while the other is barely 2 months old.

In the house, the rest of the family members do not really help out in housework. Instead of hearing her frustration, she said “the good thing is that the family members play with her son so that I can clean the house.”

I asked why doesn’t she remind them to clean up after themselves.

She said she doesn’t want to nag at them because she said she loves her mother-in-law and her mother-in-law dotes on her own children. She doesn’t want to hurt her mother-in-law by nagging at her sister-in-law etc.

This is truly love in action.

Love takes a lot of discipline.

I learnt from her today though I am not sure if I would do the same.



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