Connected with my guardian angel

Ever since I had the vision during the 11-11 (Tuesday) meditation, I really had no idea what’s next.

Then I suddenly had this idea, I have to be serious about learning to connect with my guardian angels and guides. There is nothing I can do with psychic abilities if I am not able to get clear pure guidance from my angels and guides.

Up to now, I intellectually connects my guides and angels. Guardian angels and guides is a nice idea for me. I am not Catholic or Christian or religious in anyway.

So I made use of a Reiki Charged Candle and set an intent to connect with my guides/angels during meditation.

During the meditation (with my eyes closed), I could still see the flicker of the candle. At one point, I felt the space had a different feel. The flicker of the candle became bright white instead of the orange light. I am sure no one turned on the fluorescent light. It was so bright like walking into a super bright white light.

I think this is probably the altered state and I saw a vision of a word “Bar….” but I couldn’t see the rest of it.

This time, I remembered to ask if it is my guide/angel.   I felt a “smile”in my heart area. I asked twice and I felt giggly. I asked if Bar means Barbara?

After awhile, I slowly gently got out of the meditation.

I started to google – Angel Barbara/Archangel Barbara.

Instead, I realised there is an Archangel Barakiel who is the angel in charge of all guardian angels.

I am grateful for the experience and will continue on my journey of exploration.





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