my quiet moments are always accompanied by my inner voices.
How do I break the silence?
Why do I let silent speak?

I am so difficult to understand.


12 thoughts on “7.

  1. Meditation shuts the voices down. It needs to be Christ centered.,, like calling in Him or his Angels to the specific need. Call to those in the light.

    This will scat those not in so that they do not come through.

    Suggestion: ask your Angels who of your friends, voices are not in the light. Upon knowledge, stop channeling, co-creating with that voice. Ok?

    My intuition tells me that you need a healing. I’m reading that you are in conflict with your dark side. The voices, I’m assuming are a part of that past. The new You, awakened you, born again you etc. knows these voices no longer resonate with your NOW.

    Ask. Then do some kind of ritual to let them go. It can be as simple as writing their name on a piece of paper and throwing it into the river. By this you are releasing and allowing it to move on. You tell it that it no longer serves you,

    Work on resonation as well. If confused, ask if it resonates or serves your higher purpose,



    1. 🙂 I am learning to discern. There are some thoughts I noticed and will need to release those… to move on.
      I usually set an intention to do so.
      Thank you for your insights, resonates and a reminder for me 🙂

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      1. I have alot of questions but at the same time not sure what to ask…..
        1) Is your spiritual journey specific to a religion? How do you feel when others “recommend or almost hard sell” certain practices because they think it is good? (I know they have good intentions)
        I feel a discomfort arising in my solar plexus when someone does that – e.g. almost selling me a specific meditation they think is good… ….. I am unsure why I feel that discomfort/tension……

        2) Does your Guardian Angel have a name? I am still communicating.. and hope I can put a name to it soon..


      2. Spiritual joyrney is my life path, as for all. Because of free will l, prior soul contracts and spiritual practice no soul has the same journey. This answers your second question. It is your journey, no other. Best to lusten to your heart if information comibg at you resonates–if so, go. Ego is what pushes onto others. Ego isvsepparated from consciousness. I would do some study on Ego–I believe that this wlll help answer your deep couriosity of need. Lots if maga stars have made this journey/plenty of good friends in this state of living. Characteristics are down to Earth, humble, kind. I believe that this is where you are at.
        Dont worry about the “Spiritual Journey” as s whole; but do be a hood student in learning the lesson being presented. (Unedited)


      3. I’m not concerned in knowing who my g angels are. I did ask once. She was an Artist w/red hair living in Vegas in the 1920’s. I fiund her once on the net bit notvsgain. Sophia or Pennelope.



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