Forwarded junk?!

Quotes reflect the shift in the person who had the revelation. The rest of us probably feels inspired by the quotes and forwards them to the next person.

Last week, I shared a website by Dr Tan Kheng Khoo who is a retired pathologist and guru in meditation with my parents. Previously I was trying to explain to my parents about my spiritual journey. For my parents, spiritual equals religion. I thought the website was interesting and at least give a glimpse on the similar spiritual pursuit I have. And so my mom will stop asking me to go for another meditation or meet a high rank monk from Myanmar (as she is afraid I would be left out and go to the scary hell). Seriously?

My mom replied my email and said thanks for the share and that she will read it when she is free.  And she asked if she can share the website with my brother-in-law and sister?

I felt irritated. (We have a family group chat where my bro-in-law and my aunt constantly forwards stuff. So I mute the group chat most of the time). Sometimes I receive tons of emails of forwarded stuff which I simply start to ignore. (Even though I know I might miss out some really good stuff)

This whole sharing thing has becomes meaningless, impersonal and purely convenient.  Sharing used to be a conversation  peppered with personal touch.  We used to share only if the information/content/news resonate with us (positively or negatively).

So I simply replied “Mom, what do you want to share when you have not even browse/read the website articles? And after reading if you still want to share, it is none of my business. ”




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