I don’t get it. I feel stupid.

I mean poems.

A lot of bloggers are expressing themselves with words, poems in fabulous ways.

When I read a poem, I have to scroll down to the comments and wish someone would interpret it. I am always fortunate that someone would summarise what the poem is possibly about.

I really don’t get it. And I feel stupid because so many others get it.

I guess Literature really isn’t my thing. So I don’t comment on poems.

The day I do, I probably finally got it.


5 thoughts on “I don’t get it. I feel stupid.

  1. Not understanding what someone has labeled “poetry” shouldn’t make you feel stupid. Poetry is completely subjective and if it doesn’t “speak to you” then so be it. I’ve read a lot of “poems” on wordpress and I have no idea what they were going for. The important thing is it means something to the one writing it. They are the only ones that truly “get” it and many times the ONLY ones that do.

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    1. I know poems are personal… i just couldn’t help it when i saw people commenting. “what a beautiful poem” , “this is profound in few words”. I had no clue…. kinda natural to feel… “I wish i knew poem” … πŸ™‚

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  2. No worries about understanding poems. They are meant to make people think, set a scene. Your supposed to read the words and see if they’re talking about something obvious or if it’s something completely different. You could read a poem describing a thunderstorm, but it’s actually about how a slap to the face feels. Many people won’t get that, and that’s okay. It’s whether or not the pork evokes something from you, a feeling, an impression, etc. It doesn’t matter if you understand it. πŸ™‚



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