The Universe Conspires … #Quote 211

Intellectually I know what this mean, however this is not fully integrated in my energy.

Most times, I am uncertain what I truly desire, let alone decide.
When I have a glimpse of my desire, I feel I don’t deserve.
Sometimes, I feel I am too greedy.

There are good days when I am sure and then the certainty fluctuates. Good days are days I go with flow of life and know I deserve and receive. And there are days when I feel I need to struggle and work my ass off before I deserve.

Growing up, I was taught “No Pain No Gain”, the harder we work, the more we treasure success.

Ask and receive is such a simple act and yet so hard to do.

Now I know the difference between intellectually knowing or energetically knowing.


J. Ricci Energy


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3 thoughts on “The Universe Conspires … #Quote 211

  1. Hmmmm. The answer to this question I’m hearing I just figured out. The knowledge put to action, brought me out of a severe depression.

    Obviously I’m not ready to talk, especially share via avitar format of the silica just yet. I would definitely not use the word conspire.
    Go back to Esther Hicks, meditate & you may find your personal answers.




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