I was in the midst of doing work (real work that I earn a living from). And my inner voice said… Declutter.

I am not crazy, hallucinating or hearing voices. Sometimes I just understand things all of a sudden.

I have been feeling overwhelmed. My life is good and I love it.

Then why overwhelmed?

I feel loads of redundancies, physically and mentally.

Yes, I own dozens pairs of shoes, clothes more than I need.

I have so many things I want to do (not necessarily accomplished).

I have habits that are purely obsessive, inefficient and purely superficial.

Do I really need ## email addresses, ## electronic devices, obsessive filing of my personal paperwork, over-categorising of my folders?

I just want to keep it simple. Simple thoughts, simple effective habits, simple processes…….

I am taking small steps to declutter.

So that I have time to enrich my spirit.


One thought on “Declutter


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