My First Blend Analysis

I did mention that I want to analyse my first essential oil blend. With the help of a book I recently acquired, Mixing Essential Oils for Magic by Sandra Kynes

Being on a spiritual journey, I will be using the method As Above, So Below. The first I encountered this spiritual law is from Diana Cooper’s book, A Little Light on Spiritual Laws.

All of us, living beings, have in us the essence of God, Heaven, Love and Light. The same things touch God’s heart as touch a human heart.

As Above: Essential oils extracted from Leaves , Flower, Fruit. 

So Below: Essential oils extracted from Wood, Bark, Twigs, Roots, Resins

The oils used in my first blend:

Lavender 18 drops (Scent group: floral) Flowers which generally have an attribute of attraction, beauty. These parts of the plant is related to Air element. This belongs to middle perfume note.

Eucalyptus Radiata 8 drops (Scent group: Woody) : Leaves generally has an attribute of expansion and growth. It is also key for survival as leaves are essential for plant’s photosynthesis process. These parts of the plant is related to Air element. This belongs to middle-top perfume note.

Rose 4 drops (Scent group: Floral) : Although rose oil is also extracted from flowers, it feels more intense. And it is often related to journey of the heart/higher heart or the process of reproduction. This belongs to top perfume note and the air element.

Palo Santo 2-3 drops (Scent group: citrus/wood): Wood is the majority substance of a plant/tree. It allows the tree to stand tall . It represents strength and balance and at the same time flexibility to seek the light. And it provides the connection to the ground to the roots allowing energy to flow freely in the tree. This belongs to top-middle perfume note and related to element Earth.

Ginger 3 drops (Scent group: Spicy) : Roots has the attributes to ground and stabilise us to our most fundamental essences. At the same time, roots helps us to look inward and access our deepest shadows allowing us to shed and reconnect. This belongs to middle perfume note and related to element Earth.

Rose Geranium 5 drops (Scent group: Floral) : Leaves and stalks have attributes to help us expand and flourish for our highest potential and good. This belongs to middle note and element of Air.

My oil blend is energetically balanced, leaning more towards the higher chakras. Most of the oils used belonged to middle note which means the diffusion of scent may last for a longer time all at the same time.

I have used too many oils (too greedy). Mixing citrus, floral, woody and spicy is too messy. So scent-wise isn’t too therapeutic.


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