I have your interest at heart

Mom: I think you should go for the Vipassana Meditation we went to. It is amazing and it is very good for you.

Me: Thanks for telling me, will let you know if I am keen to try it.

Mom: Just go and experience for yourself. I am not selling it to you. I just have your interest at heart.

And she went on and on for a couple of more minutes.

Me: Are you afraid that I will “miss out” and “lag behind” or have less merits if I do not attend this meditation?

Mom: Yes, that is true.

Me: I understand your good intention. Seriously, I am just making you feel better if I go. When you truly have my interest at heart, shouldn’t it be my own personal choice?

I realised that when we have the person’s interest at heart, the best thing we can do for them is to support them in their choice so that they can learn the lesson they need to learn. 

I know I am missing out on the meditation but I don’t feel like going.

Perhaps some day I will or perhaps never.


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