Happy 2015 Day 2

Today was a productive day completing a ton of to-dos.

A reminder from my friend to always be in positive vibration.

I am going to practice my vibration daily using focus wheel! How exciting!

I will hone my manifestation skill!



2 thoughts on “Happy 2015 Day 2

  1. Great energy
    I was telling some folks I work with, “You guys may think I’m jumping the gun here, but I think this is going to be the greatest year (You) ever ”
    Eerily similar to that ish
    Daily reminders are Key. Start every day as if it were Christmas. No idea what we are opening but hey whatevs it’s Christmas
    Thank you Enroute
    Oh and Abraham, awesome
    Saw her last spring in san antonio, amazing energy, there was an after party at her ranch which was Incredible for the carnivores haha
    Funny thing, I had no idea Jerry was dead (in this universe )
    I literally found out at the event
    The pamphlets the people talking
    But how I ended up there the Laws that pooled me, the back story from over 10yrs
    Not a big deal
    I’m on vacation haha
    I’m not a responder by nature
    Like never
    I guess as you already know
    We Are Awake



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