Day 3 of Happy 2015

Feeling strong in yoga class today. I was impatient to improve since starting yoga 2 years ago. I realised it takes time for the body to be stronger and aligned. Yoga truly brings our mind, body and spirit all in one.

I love this simple Get Happy routine by Tara Stiles and just want to share with all of you.

She is my inspiration. Her body and energy is so fluid and balanced.

This site is really helpful to help me in practising my vibrations into positivity. I am now patient and will start going general first.

How to go general with Abraham’s Grid

“Your next attempt might be something like “I love the feeling of my $7,000/month business income.” –> Specific

If that still generates resistance, experiment with some of these:

“I love the feeling of receiving income from my business.” – Relatively Specific

“I love the feeling of receiving income.” – Going General

“I love the feeling of receiving.” – General


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