This is me – self discovery

I cannot decide if I love crowd and social parties or just want to chill with my closest one.

There are times I just want to retreat and cut-off from the rest of the world.

This is who I am – Struggles of an introverted extrovert.


4 thoughts on “This is me – self discovery

  1. Funny how as an extrovert many of the above traits I find similar… I thought I’d do a notation of difference regarding.

    I would be considered an extrovert, mainly because I’m not shy but:
    I’ve learned to be extroverted for social, business reasons. It’s a learned assertiveness “don’t ask don’t know” philosophy which works so well.

    Personally I hate crowds because I am so selective in who I intimately interact with, I need brains, the right vibes-similar mind person to enjoy if it’s a longer period of time.

    I am empathic, so to walk through a crowded Wal-mart can result in an energy drain. I love to be at home, but too long by myself I need to just “get out”; my own self- isolation can troublesome.

    My biggest difference with you is that I find it rude to disappear for days to friends, if they communicate daily–I will at least respond.

    And last, the indecisiveness drives me wild! I like a decision to move on!

    I hope you found that interesting.


    1. It is probably only up to today that I realized how our culture and belief system is so ingrained in us. If we are unconscious, our belief becomes us. I believe I will realize more as I go along…. I am sure we are all from the same essence. 🙂

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