My experience with power of now

I was rather bothered when my car broke down during the Chinese New Year. I had thoughts of cost of repair, how long it will take and the inconvenience of my next few days etc.

I was my uncle’s house, sat in a corner and decided to start reading Power of Now. As I read about how we allow our thoughts to be “take over us” and we can observe our own thoughts. It reminded us that we can stay in the now, occasionally visit the past or present for practical purposes.

I experienced a shift.

I felt like a third person observing my thoughts (like a movie). I saw my thoughts that is making me frustrated and anxious of my car problem. At that moment, I am aware of a tiny smile as if I was…. I see how this feels like. It was also at that moment, my frustration and anxiety diminished. And when I looked at my surrounding, everything felt so different in a beautiful way. The flutter of the curtain, the feel of the tiled floor, the energy of the room………

From then, I have been practicing being in the now, the present.

Interestingly, I have always know what is mindfulness and to be present in an intellectual way.

This is the first time I experience being in the Now and Present. It is not something our mind can comprehend.

I also practiced Abraham Hicks Teachings on staying in the vortex.

Then I realized being in the present and staying in the vortex are the same thing.

Because in this moment, everything is here and now.

Here and now, we feel the purest love and joy within us. Joy that isn’t derived from something outside of us.

This being is our natural state.


In Fun, Love and Laughter



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