Being Presences

We often read about practice of mindfulness and being present.

We can practice by being aware of daily chores we do. I have read of methods of practice. Eg. When we walk, we can think to ourself “I am walking”. And when we eat, we think to ourself “I am eating”.

I have discovered that being presence involves no thoughts. It is all feeling. Feeling with our extra senses. Metaphorically we would say feel with our heart. I am not sure if that is even accurate. However, to describe this feeling with our physical sight, the touch, smell is too limiting.

I am still trying to fathom this mode of feeling while being present. It is almost beyond words. Not because it is mystical or spiritual or magical. Simply because we are often focus on physicality of our experience and labels. That our vocabulary is simple insufficient.

I am amaze at how spiritual teachers try to explain and describe this awakening experience. 

And yet without their attempt, I would take a long time to catch a glimpse of it. 


In Fun, Love and Laughter



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