I think I had spiritual dream

Two consecutive nights, I think I had spiritual dreams. It was only on hindsight that I think I realise they were spiritual dreams.


On Monday night, I dreamt of my deceased paternal grandmother, my father and myself walking around a very old, run-down historical compound. The building had overgrown plants and trees. Roots of the trees bursting out of the concrete ground. Bricks appeared to slip out of the walls or protrude out of nowhere.

In the dream, my father told me that this place looked dangerous and scary. I told him this place is beautiful, I love it and that I used to hang out with my friends and studied in the compound. And I rolled on a office-chair with wheels and I asked my grandmother to sit on my lap. We rolled around the compound together, which was quite fun.


This is the first time i dreamt of my paternal grandmother.


On Tuesday night, I dreamt of my deceased maternal grandmother, my mother and myself. In the dream, I think I was hospitalized. I was sleeping in a ward. I remembered my grandmother slept beside me, looking at me. We were lying on our side. After awhile, I saw my mother trying to push through a crowd outside the ward and enter the ward. My mother then lied beside me facing me. Just like how my grandmother did. (Please don’t ask me where my grandmother went, in the dreams, it was as though the “camera” did not focus on that part where my grandmother went) And my mom told me that I have an inheritance of 125 million from my grandmother however I can get 4 million for now. I was like Ök. And then the ward started to shake violently due to an earthquake. My mom was scared and I told her to hide under the sheets and breath. I told her everything will be fine. I felt myself breathing with my abdominal calmly and peaceful even when I know we were going to die.


In the first dream, it felt like i returned to being a child, fearless, seeing the beauty in all things and having fun with my granny. And in the second dream, I was at peace regardless of in face of an inheritance or in death. When I read interpretations online, receiving part of the inheritance may give me an idea how far I am from my highest potential. 4 out of 125?


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