A Sense of Purpose

Recently my energy going ups and downs.

One moment I feel lost.
Watching Youtube videos from my office desk of those who joined The Voice or Britain Got Talent makes me wonder about my own passion.
What passion do I have that will make me step out and take that risk?
I am a teacher, comfortable and well. Once in awhile I feel fulfilled, once in awhile annoyed and once in awhile wonder if this is it.

Sometimes my energy is up and I feel a sense of drive and motivation to improve my endeavour to be a fabulous teacher. To nurture and guide my weaker students, to come up with strategies to help those who face learning procrastination/obstacles or to embark on my long overdue personal professional blog.

Am I seeking my sense of purpose in the midst of this ups and downs?

Social Health


A sense of purpose is key to living a meaningful life. It is the heart of passion and it can bring us to deeper levels of long-term happiness, providing resilience amidst great hardships. A sense of purpose is something we often talk about wanting, seeking, or having, but it is somewhat illusive in our world of ongoing life-projects, characterized by multiple careers and highly fluid sociality. This philosophical investigation will provide a detailed blueprint of the concept of “purpose” and will hopefully help the reader along their DIY life-project.

The concept of “purpose” comes from the Anglo-French “purpos,” referring to an intention, aim, or goal. Broadly speaking, it can refer to purposely getting drunk on the weekend, purposely caring for your loved ones, or even purposely putting the toilet seat down; therefore, purpose is goal-oriented action. In order to talk about the specific type of purpose I alluded…

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