Please help me with dream interpretation?

I had a dream which puzzles me.

I dreamt that I decided to take a shower before teaching a class. The shower room is in the classroom which is odd.

When I got out of shower, I discovered that my diamond ring (given to me by my partner) was hanging from a jewellery hanger (tree). So I thought to myself, it is not very safe to do that. It could have gotten stolen. I picked it up and the ring slipped/flipped on to the ground.

I went on all fours trying to look for the ring. But I couldn’t find it, rather puzzled where the ring could have rolled to.

Instead I found many other rings. I remembered thinking why so many people dropped their rings.

I found a bronze ring, a bronze ring with the setting broken off, a beautiful floral-designed diamond ring (a design i previously almost bought) and a solitaire diamond ring. The solitaire diamond ring looked almost like mine but I thought to myself in the dream “that is not mine because mine is shiny and bigger”

I put all the rings I found on my fingers (although they were not mine). The bronze ring, the broken ring on my left and the floral diamond ring on my right.

I remembered thinking to myself that I didn’t want my partner to waste money buying another ring for me. So I really wanted to find the ring i dropped.

This dream seemed to have a negative meaning initially. However, it felt more meaningful, deep and revealing than it appears.

I just cannot put a finger on it, whatever it is.


4 thoughts on “Please help me with dream interpretation?

  1. Hi! You know back in the day I was something of a closet psychologist. Fascinated with the mind and whatnot. Dream interpretation. Meanings. Lessons. It’s been approx. 2yrs and 5mo since my Shift in consciousness and have been creating, developing, expanding notions, ideas et al. I would say it’s been more so around the past 6mo that my notions of the Dream World have changed significantly. Well. Lot’s of radical things. Like the physical world and the vast illusion of everything. Everything is Space? There is space between everything and on all levels of physicality? Which led me to something, maybe the only thing that I can really fully know is Real. Thoughts. My consciousness. Spirit perhaps?
    I’m not trying to sell anyone on anything, as far as I am concerned if someone Thinks of something and puts the power of Belief behind it then it will be true……perhaps only to them, but still true.
    All that being said, maybe the Dream is just another Realm of Thought. As “real” as this world. There are Doorways to walk through. Messages from yourSelf to you. Experiences/Journeys to be undertaken.
    I wasn’t sure I was going to go this route next but apparently the Voice in my head is guiding me along with a Yes.
    Your dream struck a chord with me. Rings. I had an experience recently (last month and not a dream) where a friend of mine was staying with me for almost a month. We went to this place called Topgolf (hours of fun haha) and my friend took her ring off that her partner had gotten for her. A very unique ring, kind of class ring type deal but very unique. Her name, her countries, deep purple amethyst stone, diamonds around the rim. She forgot it and didn’t remember till the next morning. We called right away. The girl was at the lost and found and no special unique ring was there. Devastated. She had no idea what she was going to say to her partner (also my best friend in the Universe). I had to work on her about the whole “Letting Go” and everything happening for a reason, We Know Not, and etc. She had come to trust a lot of what I have to say because of……well. Magikal things happen. Anyway, that was a Friday night she lost it. Saturday she called originally, and by the next Wednesday, she made peace with herself. I had come home for lunch and we briefly spoke about the Surrender. I left and had no idea how drastically different this day would end up. Apparently my friend has a Voice in her head too haha. Told her to call the Topgolf again (5 days later), immediately the girl on the other end of the line was like……..Susan??? My friend was speechless. The girl said that an hour earlier a gentleman had dropped the ring off at the lost and found (along with our little plastic GNC pill containers!?!).
    Sooooooo?????? How? Why? A lot of questions that were flooding her. And. I’m like, Yup. Business as Usual. Things happening like that seem more like the norm to me now.
    Your dream with losing the ring, finding all the others, but none able to replace…….Maybe the more meaningful aspect is that the ring was never lost. It’s just waiting. Waiting to make it’s way back to you. OR maybe a series of new thinking will evolve Within you with……..Ideas 😀
    Okie doke! I think I overstayed my welcome here! haha
    Be Safe

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    1. Hi BenGi
      I really appreciate this reply because when I told my good friend about this dream. They thought I felt insecure etc. I know it wasn’t that, I just couldn’t put a finger to it.
      Prior to this dream, my partner and I had a conversation. My partner dreamt of a girl we often meet (but do not know) at yoga. My partner then shared with me that she felt a little attracted/distracted by that girl, not sure if it is some kind of crush. (In the past, I would have gotten jealous and very worked up. I know I have shifted.. thank goodness… and I told my partner I understand there are attractive people out there and once in awhile catch our attention and at the same time I trust that my partner will not do anything to jeopardize what we have.

      And that night I had this dream, which i felt was revealing but I just couldn’t quite get it. And typical dream interpretation online said you are going to be divorce or breakup. That’s not how it feels…..

      What you said really… clarified whatever it is I couldn’t comprehend. One of the rings I found was a ring I liked but didn’t buy. In the dream, I remembered thinking… This is so pretty but it isn’t mine, it is not it.

      You also reminded me about letting go and surrendering. I just want to share an experience with you I had last year (i might even have blogged about it). My partner lost a ring I gave her (she didn’t even know when she lost it or dropped it). She sometimes take it out when we wash car and put in her pocket or something….
      She was frantic about it. That day, my energy was good. I told her (as if I knew), it will be back if it is meant to. Let’s just leave it to the universe. We went for dinner at our usual and drove home. At dinner, she was upset. I felt like “No worries, It is taken care of..” We drove home (in Singapore, we don’t have private garages, we park at common carparks in the estate).
      After she parked, she was just neatening the inside of the car and I stood beside the car and waited. I spotted a shiny thing on the kerb behind the car.
      I looked closely. “Oh my god, someone drop a ring that looks like yours!”

      She came over, picked it up and said “What! It is mine! i recognized the scratches…” It is a old T & C ring. So it is pretty recognizable.

      I totally forgot about this incident and your words reminded me that everything is taken care of.

      Thank you so much!


      1. You know what? Without getting into detail, my friend who was staying with me left her partner (presumably for good) and came to stay with me in my safe Haven because…….of “bad thoughts” that my best friend/soul sister was having about a coworker. Interesting correlation, rings, thoughts, surrenders…..
        She’s back with her. They are working it out. Anyway, great story from your side! One thing about being human…very susceptible to forgetfulness. That’s why I Remember who I am and why I’m here every single morning :D.

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