Morning Yoga for strength and inspiration

Good morning!

I have always wanted to work out in the mornings before work. Work starts 9 am and I snooze before I get out of bed at 730 am. Years ago, one day I woke up at 730 am to work out on my Elliptical Trainer for 20 minutes. At first it felt good, BUT later  in the morning I felt so physically tired. I did not workout in the morning anymore.

Recently, I decided to do Yoga in the morning. I started to bookmark many 15-30 minutes Strength and Core routines on YouTube for my morning workout.

I realized, when we first wake up, our body is not really ready for a crazy-strenuous-all-out workout. (At least not for me…)

Instead, I chose this video below and I have been doing this for 2 weeks. It helps me to wake up feeling more energetic.

So for those who is beginning a morning workout. You can try this out 🙂


“Listen to our body. Sometimes doing less is doing more.”

Instructor: Tara Stiles (Strala Yoga)

Heartfully Yours



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