My love for spiritual yoga (though I prefer not to label)

I will not make myself sound like a yogini because honestly I wasn’t discipline when I first started yoga.

I took beginner classes from community centers 15 years ago thrice. I stopped and once in awhile participated in ad-hoc yoga classes.

3 years ago, a friend recommended me to Real Yoga Singapore. Sometimes I hesitate to try the trial classes as they often hard-sell into signing the packages. I trust my friend who has been practicing for 10 years, said the instructors are pretty good.  My partner and I went for the trial (Hot Slimming Therapy) and it was different experience from community center classes. The instructor, Omkar, was really proficient. You know how some instructors are good in executing the poses but not too good at guiding the students. In one trial class, I learnt a lot.

My initial package was a 30 class package because I wasn’t sure if I could keep it up. I attended almost weekly just to feel less guilty about eating yummy food.  After the package was completed, I realized my body has changed and energy feels better. So I renewed to a 5-classes a month package. This would “force” me to go every week. My energy and physical health improved. I used to take a long time to recover from flu and cold or feel easily tired.

Last December, I renewed and upgraded to a package of unlimited monthly classes. This is where I became more serious in my practice, attending 3-4 classes a week and practicing at home to Strala Videos. I have always had lower back pain (due to previous injuries from dance). Thank god I have yoga to stretch and strengthen. I am also starting to be aware of my diet and merging my yoga practice with my spiritual practice like meditation, breathing, energy work. Of course this is a personal choice and yoga can be a sole physical practice if you wish.

Sometimes I feel I have started this way too late in my 30s, then again better late than never!

This has been a wonderful journey.

Heartfully Yours.





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