Shadow work begins only now

I first heard of shadow aspects a year or 2 ago during meditations and a retreat. It was a energetic/mystical concept to me. I thought I understood what it was.  So when I feel negative emotions, my shadow must be surfacing?

Shadow work  (Psychology aspect) or Shadow work (Spiritual aspect) isn’t anything dark or scary. It is exploring aspects of us we might have denied, feel negative about or unconscious about. Shadows aren’t always bad although we always perceive it as so. And when we perceive negatively about shadows, our negative emotions arises.

Recent week, I am aware of feeling some of this negative emotions – irritation, frustration or impatience. It was more difficult for me to be in the present and feel at peace. If I weren’t on this journey, I would have thought I am depressive or feeling stress. 🙂

What did I do when I felt negative emotions (and it worked for me)?

Being more aware helps me to pause and ask myself why I am feeling such an emotion. Does it belong to me? (I am getting more sensitive)  In the past, I was impatience and want the negative feeling to go away. Now I feel compassion for myself and sit with it…. and make peace with it.

Oh yes, and working on my shadow aspects….

According to the meditation in the video, I have to list out my shadow aspects. I tried and found that very tough. We maybe able to describe negative emotions – anger or irritation. However, we may not know which shadow aspect it is related to. I felt confused and even more negative about not being able to heal my shadow aspects. How do you heal something when you don’t know what it is?

One day, I had a revelation of how I can verbalize my shadow aspects. I began listing out specific people in my life who irritate me, anger me or  frustrates me in a strong way. I believe they reflect an unconscious shadow aspect of me.

And that is how I got my list of my own shadow aspects……. so if you are not sure how to get started on shadow work, this could be helpful 🙂 Importantly be honest with yourself.



“The only person you have to be honest to is Yourself.”

Heartfully Yours




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