Chiropractic Experience for my back

I have finally decided to visit a chiropractor to check on my back. I am feeling random shooting electric pain/sensation on my right/left butt. In my previous post on back pain, I wanted a natural way of healing.  I have been doing stretching exercise.

I can feel that the symptoms are not improving and at times at worse. As I continue reading and watching videos, to my horror, I think I am going at it totally wrong for the past months/years. Forward bending and twist might occasionally give me some form of relief stretching the muscles.

However, Forward Bending and Twist is a NO-NO.

Many websites may recommend Rounding of back and forward bending for lower back ache/pain. I think more understanding of back pain/ache must take place. So if your pain is right in the middle, with electrical sensations in your butt or down the leg, it maybe spinal and consultation with a Certified Chiropractor or Physiotherapist is necessary.

My condition is known as disc protruding/bulge which can be common, however nerve pinching due to it isn’t good news.

After my own painful experience, we do have to understand the cause of the back pain before any further yoga “self” treatment.

This video is a simple explanation.

I look forward to getting my back fixed and resume strengthening.


Heartfully Yours






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