I am protective of my space

An aunt called and asked if she could live with my partner and me when she grows older. 

My mom has also asked if my dad or herself can live with us  when only one of them is left in the physical world.

This seems like requests you shouldn’t say no to. 

A fine line between what I want and what others want. How do I tread on this fine line?

Fillial piety, gratitude, “family is the closest” are labels we grow up with and into. 

The thing is … as I grew up, my parents and my aunt showers me with alot of love. 
The one thing I feel they failed to do is to ask how I feel,  what I want and let me choose. Instead it is always what they think is best for me…….. 

Hence, i am very protective of my “space”. I am finally making my own choices. 

How do I balance my choices and their request? 



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