Feeling Lost


Something odd happened yesterday and it made me wonder.

I discovered that something is amiss within me.

Routines and work that I was previously so familiar with suddenly feels obscure.

It is like I doubt myself or the method and wondering if I should change or change my ways.

Yet I have been practicing with my breath and I do feelย at peace.

How can I possibly feel so lost?


7 thoughts on “Feeling Lost

  1. You know I have noticed colleagues of mine going through low energy periods over the past couple weeks and I have been thinking that, as I know everyone reacts different to different stimuli, that it could be something to do with Where We Are right now in the Galaxy/Universe. I mean everything in our local area pretty much is the same, earth around the sun and etc….but you have to think how we are effected “energetically” as we are moving through this unexplored territory. Especially when it comes to where our galaxy is moving towards as our solar system has already moved around the center of our galaxy many times over….Our galaxy is continuously moving into the Unknown. I have no idea what you are experiencing but all movement is related somehow or another to how our Soul grows and continues to expand.
    The breath is such a great thing to focus on :D. I recently saw something that said to the effect that, yogis consider the space between the inhale and the exhale is where God is centered. Great stuff.

    Peace, my Friend. You got this.

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      1. Haha anything new feels weird I guess in some way…very…normal? Which is also good. Not that there is anything special about normal or what some consider not normal. Eckhart Tolle help to aid my journey in new and different ways such as finding/feeling that Moment. Here is something that maybe you can try and something I have been doing………..I’m thinking…………..I can’t remember when I began…….Over a year ago. I stopped listening to music in my car. Well for one, I had already stopped listening to radio PERIOD after my Shift into my New Awareness of Me (three years ago). Then I realized I had no need to listen to my Ipod music thru my car. I somehow came to realize it was a distraction from the Symphony of Life around me as I drove. The hard part is just Seeing through the eyes without analyzing. I am pretty good now as I have 60min to and from school to just See and not label and judge things. Now I just mostly observe as the Observer looks thru my eyes. Like a movie playing out. Does that make any sense?
        I stopped blogging last summer as the Voice within me said One Year, and once a month, and that was that, but during that time I picked up inspiring Souls along the way that I still receive postings from and for the most part, I seldom respond, let alone click a Like haha. I “like”/love everything as it is all connected and everything I see is in my Journey. Your recent postings were on my mind and I felt the need to maybe Remind You something that you already know. You are Never lost. When you THINK (with your physical mind ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) that you have steered off course. You are actually ON COURSE :D. I can look back in these very short 46yrs and two months of my life and see where I was so far off course. So lost. Somehow I ended up…Here. I wouldn’t change a thing.
        I have a lot of affirmations and prayers that I remind myself by saying each day which further helps condition the physical mind/ego, BUT it all begins when I first put my feet on the ground as I am crawling out of bed. Three Thank Yous and three I Love Yous. I say the thank you and I love you out loud, but the responses I say in my Soul.
        Thank You (for my Life)
        Thank You (for the Lives of Everyone)
        Thank You (for All that Is)
        I Love You (Myself)
        I Love You (Everyone)
        I Love You (All that Is)
        For me, there is no better way to start every single precious day, Kit. What a Gift we are given in this Eternal Moment.
        Thank you so much (everything happens for a reason, one thing to the next to the next…) I may have stopped blogging, but you have given me an opportunity to continue to express aspirations of my Soul.
        Cheers to you, my Friend.
        The Journey Continues ๐Ÿ˜‰


      2. Hi Bengi,
        Before I saw your message. I drew a card “Blessing” reminding me to embrace and to be grateful for the present. And this morning, seeing your message reminds me that it is what it is and not resist or control.
        Now i will chill and allow the energy to download, guidance to come. The path is the path. This Now is a precious one.
        Thank you so much what you have written. (Makes me feel
        how much Universe wants me to hear this)


  2. You know I started off very small, with nothing, in my mind. It continued on with The Secret (which I fell asleep to for almost a year) and before I would fall asleep I would get to the part where the guy says, “Thoughts, become, things” which I can say with certainty has happened. Fortunately I do not want much haha. Through a mutual friend in the Universe (in physical person world lol) I found an amazing website where the Universe will send you daily reminders or three days a week in my case. However you want them is how they come, tailored for you. They do a lot of promotional things but I like how it can be tailored, like a suit, to your needs
    I have no affiliation except to receive messages from the Universe three days a week, MWF, no reason why I did that, could have picked all days. I guess it depends on you. And they do btw
    They become


    1. I started learning more through my own healing and also The Secret. And yup i know tut.
      Thanks for sharing and i see it as reminder!



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