Morning Thoughts

I was thinking to myself.

If I do not wake up feeling inspired, then maybe I am not fulfilling my highest purpose.

My work may at times feel meaningful and yet I do not enjoy the rigid schedule it impose on me.

Perhaps there is something else out there.

I do not know what? I do not know how?

And this morning,  I saw a notification of a new follower, The Trail Provides.

I read her story and realized I need to have faith to allow the trail to bring me what I need.

I just want to say thank you.




One thought on “Morning Thoughts

  1. How absolutely interesting my friend. I find two emails in my inbox for wordpress postings. I read the other first and was surprised by the card. Never saw it before, or thought there ever was a card with this title. Then I read yours and was like, Huh, fascinating to see the same word pop up again in your blog posting. Who knows, as everything is connected, and synchronicity “stuff” happens, then this card was maybe meant for you. Here is the link!
    Be Well 😀



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