Conscious breathing and controlled breathing

“Sitting in my living room, the bright moonlight  shines through me. The moon had an aura of its own. It was Vesak Day and we decided to meditate. It was not my first time meditating. It was however the first time I realized the difference between controlled and conscious breathing.

Like it or not, we are always breathing. I thank god for that since I can be rather forgetful. During meditation, I always try to focus on breathing by controlling my own breath. The in and out breath. This control is distracting and tiring  (at least for me).

That evening, I wondered. Why am I controlling my breath when my breath takes care of itself? I am silly, aren’t I? So I sat in stillness and noticed I was breathing without the control. This is the first time I felt conscious of my own breath.

So controlled breathing is a series of breathing exercises (tools) when we need them. I will be sharing in my next post.

I finally realize what it means by focus on your breath.

It  means… just feel/know/hear/aware/ that you are breathing even when you didn’t plan for it.

Quite a Aha moment for silly me.”




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