Challenges in life makes us rich

I bought the domain name, for a few months and wanted it to be a spiritual blog for myself. But I never got started because I did not know what to blog about.

From this week onward, I started to journal my recovery journey on En Route Inward

I was diagnosed with slipped disc on Tuesday, which explained my sciatica pain.

And I started to reflect on the my injury and the whole process. If only I was more aware and grounded.

Now, I have something to share and blog about.

This recovery journey is a spiritual, mental and physical journey.

I once read.

Life is just life; having obstacles makes it rich and we learn our lessons.

And if we do not see the signs along the way, the next lesson is usually of the same theme and more difficult.

Now my life is rich and I have something to blog about, a journey I can share and hope it helps others.



2 thoughts on “Challenges in life makes us rich

  1. Kit I applaud you You are taking flight
    I would like to thank you for your consideration of all that you can become, Awesome..
    We all are what we are and so we exist. Here.

    Many times. A whole lot of times I think about this little rock spinning in space. We live here and pulled by a sun…….pulled by the center of our galaxy Something MORE to be pulled to. I was intrigued and looked into as a real thing. Helpless spinning ball of blue and green. Badass Universe. And we are alone. We are not.

    Nothing we can do, just look inward. Inward



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