Hats off to those who blogs

Is it just me?

I have always read about people blogging and become famous. People blog about food, blog about fashion. And me, I was planning to blog too….about my spiritual journey. I procrastinated forever.

Now, finally and weirdly, I have a physical injury which motivated me to blog about my physical, emotional and healing journey (also a spiritual journey for me). The inspiration to blog about it takes me away from feeling depress about it. I cried on the day I was diagnosed because it just didn’t occur to me that now my physical activities will be affected. I have a physical weakness now to be careful about. (Pissed me off and at the same time….. motivates me…. very confusing for me)

Anyway, now I realised…..



The toughest part about blogging is doing it consistently! I have always thought those famous bloggers are just eating, shopping and travelling? How do they find time to blog about it properly, in a truly engaging manner?!

And those who blog about very informative stuff like finances, marketing, coaching…. a lot of planning, organising of information and research of the blog post is involved.

How do people blog consistently and still stay engaging and interesting……?

Trade secret?



I Love A Conversation. Feel free.

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