It’s a good day

Class One

Me: Hey Ryan, did you bring your workbook? (He has not brought his books 4 times.)

Ryan: Yes! That was the first thing I put in my bag yesterday when I got home.

Me (Smiled): Great!

I thought to myself. Patience is necessary in education.

Class Two

Ben: There is one to one consultation today?

Me (wondered if he is prepared for consultation, did he even put in his own effort or just want to be reliant on me?): Ok, what do you want to consult on?

Ben: My exam paper.

Me (thought I just meet him and see how it goes, this boy is usually resistance to advice/suggestion and I will knock sense into him… ): Ok, I see you today at 3pm.

It went better than expected. His exam paper showed he knows how to do some questions but he is superficial in his answering. He was less resistance today and I encouraged him to persevere with his effort.

I thought to myself. Reserve my judgement and be in the moment, see how it goes.




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