If you can hear yourself

Whatever we say to ourself is a feedback system

Tells us the resistance we have

Gives us the opportunity to flow through it, go around it or ignore it.


3 thoughts on “If you can hear yourself

  1. True words…………I have flowed with and against……………lately most with……….until I flowed against and I found myself here. We all hear ourselves, whether we Listen is the question. The majority of my 40 something years were in question and lately I thought I almost had something… a flame flickering and then gone…a Dream. I almost thought I had it, En Route, and she eluded me. I was not even looking…in the Philippines. Who knew to look in South Korea. I wasn’t. I had coworkers of relatives etc… we know a “nice guy”, me, and next thing I am in the Philippines. She was great. Everyone is, and I am just here. To help where I can.
    I also believe in Karma and probably was not so kind in a previous life in Asia. I was not. And am now. I am here. Helping where I can. Pilipino pesos or whatever. Lose my life. Which may be hard to do considering it may be hard for that to happen but 😀 who knows I would die early if able lol Sorry. I should be more stern. Is anyone reading? 😀 En Route you asked my name, I gave it, Ben, Benjamin, BenGi, what is yours? You don’t have to give it in public, maybe in a private email: bejaminjedwrdas@hotmail.com
    Believe it or not I have no friends, except my sisters, which are not blood sisters, but sisters nonetheless, my best friends.



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