My New Shoes Spoke to Me

Tomorrow’s Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year is a big deal for us, Chinese. Just like any New Year is to all cultures. We wear new clothes, shoes etc. It represents a brand new year, hope for the new year and releasing the old.

Today I wore my new shoes to work because we are celebrating at work on the Eve.

As I walked to work, I caught myself having a quick word with my New Shoes.

Me: Sorry New Shoes, you had to walk so much on the first time.

New Shoes: It’s fine! I am made for walking and happy to be used for what I am made for.

Hmm. That was my Assumption and New Shoes’ Perception.

Aha. Whatever we perceive is not always true, what others perceive is also not true.

Even my New Shoes have its own perception. 😉

We are all perceiving in our mind. As simple as it is.

Happy Chinese New Year to all those who celebrates it.


2 thoughts on “My New Shoes Spoke to Me


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