I admit I compare

I have a deep fear of not being good enough.
I have a deep fear of being less than perfect. 

Is this why I expect less of others?

Because I compare myself with others all the time. 

May I forgive myself.


12 thoughts on “I admit I compare

  1. Hard to compare when we are all the same. Note I did not say ONE. We are the same. We are One. But we are not One. Yet we are. And to compare is human. Which I appreciate. A LOT. I just came home from Korea. Big difference. You can hear many things, and yep great. I have been in Afghanistan, Europe, Iraq, Asia….no place like home as She put it


  2. I don’t know why I compare, I don’t know if I am comparing. I think I am. This is as much as I know.
    How are you? Thanks for commenting, reading…. you have not written for awhile, haven’t you?



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