embracing our fluidity

The world is fluid. 

We are fluid.

Stay fluid

Embrace and celebrate fluidity

What we perceive now may not be what we agree with ourself later.


6 thoughts on “embracing our fluidity

  1. Wow I wrote too much here my friend and it all got deleted. My sister has an apple so it is unfamiliar to me. The main points were, I am so sorry I wrote you so drunk, apologies, I just got home from Korea and celebrating with my friends. I had a lot more but the Universe has a Way of taking control of what needs to be said, yup?
    Bruce Lee
    Be Like Water


  2. But! I can link my favorite Kit, and my gratitude. The wealth of your contact spreads around this living planet. Trust me when you become a larger voice, I will be a louder supporter. I am here to help. And you do not even need a loud voice. Just a voice. You are Heard. We hear you sister. I hear you. You be you. And be happy with it. The more Ok you are with “you” the More you can be You. Was that too confusing? Shall I begin again



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