There is all to life.

Yesterday I was counting the days to expiry dates of my vitamins. I divided the approximate number of capsules by the number of days so that I can be certain I can finish them before the expiry dates. Such that none of the goodness in the capsules and money spent will be wasted. If we […]

Who am I

I don’t know. So we are who we are without a physical body even if we do not have an identity? Our identity is such because of a name and family we are born with, because of the experience we went through, because of the role we play and because of the people we are […]

Have you ever looked back?

I lay in bed and started to look back at some points in my life… remembering bits and pieces. Experiences I had, thoughts I had, words that were spoken and moments of clarity…….. Universe/God must be a super efficient, awesome and far-sighted planner…..  He/She/It must be a chess player of some sort. He/She/It makes imperfectly perfect plans […]

My New Shoes Spoke to Me

Tomorrow’s Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is a big deal for us, Chinese. Just like any New Year is to all cultures. We wear new clothes, shoes etc. It represents a brand new year, hope for the new year and releasing the old. Today I wore my new shoes to work because we are […]


I feel protective of those i love, my lover, my family, my friends. I want to put them in Easter Eggs, with pretty shells. May they always be protected in a beautiful world. I fuel the growth of students I teach, making them shed old shells for new ones. Making them grow stronger and bigger. […]

Evolving Brain

Am reading a book by Tony Buzan I bought 10 years ago. The universe is 13 000 000 000 years old Earth is 5 000 000 000 years old Life is 4 500 000 000 years old First Brains are 500 000 000 years old Homo Sapiens are 3 000 000 years old Modern Brains […]