Stretches for my back

Check out these stretches for back Since I herniated my disc, I have practised these stretches as advised by my orthopedic, Dr James. You can find many recommended stretches for slipped disc online. However, one stretch cannot fit all back injury. Mine is posterior disc herniation. Bending forward and rounding of the back is a huge […]

Chiropractic Experience for my back

I have finally decided to visit a chiropractor to check on my back. I am feeling random shooting electric pain/sensation on my right/left butt. In my previous post on back pain, I wanted a natural way of healing.  I have been doing stretching exercise. I can feel that the symptoms are not improving and at times […]

Natural Back Pain Remedy I am trying

DISCLAIMER: I am not medically trained. Just testing and trying natural healing methods for my own body.   I have been “suffering” from lower back pain for the past half year. Once in awhile it gets better if I stretch my back correctly or sometimes it gets worse when I over-do it or engage in […]

Yoga before bed

Have you had long days of work and felt that it is hard to wind down before bed? Or do you watch TV, play games on our gadgets and find it difficult to get to sleep after? I have been trying this for the two weeks. Stretching out before bed really gets me physically, mentally and emotionally […]

My love for spiritual yoga (though I prefer not to label)

I will not make myself sound like a yogini because honestly I wasn’t discipline when I first started yoga. I took beginner classes from community centers 15 years ago thrice. I stopped and once in awhile participated in ad-hoc yoga classes. 3 years ago, a friend recommended me to Real Yoga Singapore. Sometimes I hesitate […]