30 Nov 2012: 365 Steps was an enjoyable climb when you climb with someone special. There is a reason why Swayambhunath Temple is also known as The Monkey Temple. Alot of monkeys and we had to watch our food when we were eating outdoor in this hilltop cafe.


29 Nov 2012: We saw two-three weddings in Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Either this is a popular location for weddings or it was an auspicious day. Nevertheless, it was eye opening. No matter how different their dressing and procession is from ours. Bright colours, happy music and smiley faces are definitely in common with ours.

29 Nov 2012: Bhaktapur Durbar Square Top Photo: Vatsala Temple - The Vatsala temple is known for its dog-barking bell which is believed to producee a death knell when it is rung Second and Third Photo: 55 Window Palace - Built in the 15th century, the 55 Window Palace is the dominating architectural structure in the square  

28 Nov 2012: Boudhanath (Devanagari: बौद्धनाथ) (also called Boudha,Bouddhanath or Baudhanath or the Khāsa Caitya) is one of the holiest Buddhist sites in Kathmandu (Yambu), Nepal. It is known as Khāsti in Nepal Bhasa, Jyarung Khasyor in Tamang language or as Bauddha by speakers of Nepali.[1] Located about 11 km (6.8 mi) from the center and northeastern outskirts of Kathmandu, the stupa’s massive mandala makes it one of the largest spherical stupas in Nepal.[2] The Buddhist stupa of Boudhanath dominates the skyline. The … Continue reading

Pashupatinath Temple (Nepali: पशुपतिनाथको मन्दिर) is one of the most significant and oldest (existence dated back to 400AD) Hindu temples of Lord Shiva in the world, located on the banks of the Bagmati River in the eastern part ofKathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The temple serves as the seat of the national deity, Lord Pashupatinath. It is regarded as the most sacred among the temples of … Continue reading