Breath and Bandha: Practice Continues

Yes, I was advised against practising yoga due to my lower back pain and ongoing treatment. At this point, I remember that yoga is not just physical poses (Asanas). Perhaps to some, it is purely physical strength and health. (Eight Limbs of Ashtanga) I would want yoga to be part of my journey inward. So I … Continue reading Breath and Bandha: Practice Continues


Chiropractic Experience for my back

I have finally decided to visit a chiropractor to check on my back. I am feeling random shooting electric pain/sensation on my right/left butt. In my previous post on back pain, I wanted a natural way of healing.  I have been doing stretching exercise. I can feel that the symptoms are not improving and at times … Continue reading Chiropractic Experience for my back

My love for spiritual yoga (though I prefer not to label)

I will not make myself sound like a yogini because honestly I wasn't discipline when I first started yoga. I took beginner classes from community centers 15 years ago thrice. I stopped and once in awhile participated in ad-hoc yoga classes. 3 years ago, a friend recommended me to Real Yoga Singapore. Sometimes I hesitate … Continue reading My love for spiritual yoga (though I prefer not to label)